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Visual Fas

Visual Fas Financial Accounting Software is a complete business management utility that efficiently manages Company’s accounts inventory system in easiest way. Simple accounting and inventory management software is an extensive solution to record all the details of sales and purchase of the product, and simply tracks all the expenses or income details of the Company. Powerful yet flexible official accounting software for small business provides full control of your inventory and invoicing which helps in accurate management and prompt analysis of your large, complicated financial data. Beneficial for small traders, distributors and industrial accounts . It can prepare invoices for items having different rates of GST in a single bill. It is very useful in Vat Accounting. Prepares monthly , quarterly and yearly returns for GST. Efiling of GST returns . Useful for accounts consultants. Same software can handle English as well as Gujarati accounts.

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Visual fas features

  • window based codeless accounting, select accounts by typing names.
  • built in inventory , item name width variable i.e. fix number of characters to unlimited length item names
  • in bills extra description (optional) below a fix width item name
  • single GST rate for all items or different GST rates for different items, no need to remember GST rates
  • can prepare GST returns automatically
  • bank reconciliation and cheque printing facility (can have different cheque format for different banks)
  • accounts receivable and accounts payable with payment reminder printing facility
  • from accounts ledger to voucher entry zoom in
  • from balance sheet to group and group to ledger and ledger to voucher zoom in
  • inventory with option of party viz. rates and discounts storing facility
  • inventory item ledger with detail, daily summary, monthly summary at click of mouse
  • from item ledger to bill entry zoom in
  • reverse calculation of rate before GST in billing where All Inclusive rates are offered to customers
  • cost rate calculation by Fifo / Lifo /Average methods
  • facility of merging two accounts, items